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by Tino Gustin

Week 8

This week I decided to work a bit more on the art because we need some more assets. I’ll be designing a simple level exit door. Firstly, I pulled the latest github update. I started of by creating a square in the middle of the canvas in Illustrator. Then, using the anchor point tool IContinue reading “Week 8”

Week 7

This week I decided to make a basic enemy patrolling AI. I thought it might be best to have him just go back and forth between 2 walls because the levels are more on the smaller scale so there’s no need to have a set patrolling area. Firstly, I did a quick “git pull” toContinue reading “Week 7”

Week 6

This week I decided to make the prefabs for my character and it’s animations (both left and right). Pretty much what I did was arrange my character with all of its pieces and animations. I had to rearrange all of the piece to how they were last week because at that point I wasn’t awareContinue reading “Week 6”

Week 3

The final version of the presentation can be found here. Kaitlin took all our contributions and put them together in a single file. The actual presentation went very well. We got a bit lost as a group in one part, but we got through it. Looking at the feedback we got from our module leader,Continue reading “Week 3”

Week 5

This week I worked on animating the walking of my pentagon enemy. In the start I was having a lot of issues doing this. I would animate one part of it and the same animation would copy over to other parts which would cause the entire character to swing. While this is not how IContinue reading “Week 5”

Week 4

This week I did some aditional work on my pentagon enemy. I decided to make a side view of him because will definitely need that more than the front view (maybe we won’t need it at all). For the start, I opened up the pentagon so I can work side by side with the meassuresContinue reading “Week 4”

Week 1

During week 1 we pretty much only exchanged some basic ideas of the game. We knew that it needed to be a 2D game so we decided it was going to be a platformer. We looked at some of the more and less popular platformers to get some ideas. At this point, the whole groupContinue reading “Week 1”

Week 2

In week 2, we all managed to get together on campus and talk about ideas in person. We decided that the game will be, gameplay wise, simillar to Red Ball 4. We immediately started with the character and level design. We agreed that, Kaitlin, Markuss and I would do the character design and Andre andContinue reading “Week 2”

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